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Aluminum Welding Wire Drawing Machine

  • Straight Wire Drawing Production Line

  • LZ8400 Straight Type Wire Drawing Line

  • Water Tank Wire Drawing Machine

  • Wire Descaling Production Line

  • Layer Winding Machine

  • Spooler Take-up

The aluminum welding wire drawing production line contains 3 sets of straight type wire drawing machine (frequency speed adjusted, capstan dia.: 700mm); 5 sets of straight tyoe wire drawing machine LZ5/600; 8 sets of straight type wire drawing machine LZ8/400; 2 sets of wire descaling machine, 6 sets of layer winding machine (touch screen, winding automatically), 40 sets of ø 1250 spooler take-up, 1 set of cold welding machine (to weld the wire dia. is less than 2.5mm).

NO. Equipments needed Speed Output / year QTY
1 Straight type wire drawing machine LZ3/700 1- 1.5m/s 1500T 3sets
2 Straight type wire drawing machine LZ5/600  9m/s 1500T 5sets
3 Straight type wire drawing machine LZ8/400  14m/s 1500T 8sets
4 Wire descaling machine 7m/s 750T 2sets
5 water tank wire drawing machine     1 set
6 Layer winding machine 10m/s (max.) 250T 6sets
7 φ 1250 spooler take-up     40sets
8 Annealing furnace    
9 Cold welding machine     1set

The Finished Products (Wire):
Aluminum Wire Coil Aluminum Wire in Coil Aluminum Wire