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CO2 Welding Wire Production Line

CO2 Protection Soldering Wire Copperizing Line

  • CO2 welding wire drawing machine

  • CO2 welding Wire Drawing Machine

  • Dry Wire Drawing Line

  • CO2 welding Wire Drawing Line

  • CO2 welding wire chemical plating pool

  • welding wire layer coiling machine

  • CO2 welding wire drying system

  • Electrical controlling cabinet

CO2 welding wire production line mainly used to copper plated 1.6-0.8 CO2 protection soldering wire. CO2 gas shielded welding wire has good technological properties, it has high melting speed and high deposition efficiency. Stable ARC, small spatter, weld even and beautiful, suitable for all position welding.
The series is mainly used for welding low carbon steel wire and low alloy steel structures, such as ships, vehicles, bridges, containers, construction machinery, boilers, construction.
It mainly consists of I-wheel pay off rack, electrolytic pickling, water washing, chemical pre-plating, plating, water washing neutralization, fine drawing and I-wheel withdrawing etc.
1. With drawing I-wheel Dia.: 630mm
2. Finished Product Dia. of copper plated Steel Wire: 1.6-0.8mm
3. Linear Speed of Finished Product: 120-300m/min
4. Withdrawing I-wheel Dia.: 630mm
5. External Dimension of copper plated wire (L×W×H): 1900×1700×2000mm
CO2 Welding Wire component:
Duck billed pay-off machine:
With 2.5T wire coil loading, with wire confusion EMG stop.
When the machine is used, the wire coil is bent on the two directions vertical each other at least so as to peel the oxidation rust on wire surface. The material used for this machine is YG8 horniness alloy, and the hardness is over HRC60. Using life is about 6 months.

Steel wire ball strong force cleaning up machine: the guide die is laid at front of machine, the steel wire cleaning up ball is used to wipe the wire surface, and the pressure cooling water washes the scale and impurity on wire surface. The air blowing unit is arranged at exit to reduce the water brought out by steel wire.

Electroanalysis pickling machine: the electroanalysis pickling technique is adopted to clean up the residual oxidation skin and rust on wire surface. Via water washing and dry blowing to ensure the wire surface cleaning up before enter the boron coating technique. PP plate (thickness 15mm), channel body length 6.8 meters. Up and down channel structure. The positive and negative plates are isolated each other, which are arranged on up channel (leading thickness 10mm). The rectified console is 0~500A and 0~12V. Equipped with acid liquid cycle pump.

Heating water channel unit: steam or electric heating is used, with auto temp. control unit, with cyclic pump. The channel body length is 1.5 meter, enclosed 40mm thickness heat preservation cotton surrounding.
Boron coating unit: steam or electric heating is adopted with auto temp. controller. There is air blowing nozzle. The channel body length is over 4.5 meters, with cyclic pump.

Drying unit: straight tube drying is adopted with over 6 meters length. There is auto temp. controller with max. temp. 150℃. The 40mm thickness heat preservation layer is enclosed at outside wall of tube. Main technical parameter
1. Steel wire running speed: not less than 1.5m/s
2. The washing water pressure which is supplied by user: more than 0.2 Mpa
3. The uninterrupted compression air which is supplied by user: more than 0.6 Mpa.

The Finished Products (Wire):
Co2 Welding Wire Co2 Gas Shield Welding Wire Gas Shielded Solid Welding Wire