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Low Carbon Wire Drawing Machine List

Low cabon wire can be drawn by straight type wire drawing machine, pulley type wire drawing machine, water tank wire drawing machine
Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine
Applicable to high/low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, non-ferrous metals wire. Mechanical features include the drawing .......
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Pulley Type Continuous Wire Drawing Machine
The pulley type continuous wire drawing machine has the characteristics of simple structure, low cost, and easy operation, and it is suitable for drawing  .......
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Horizontal Wire Drawing Machine
The horizontal wire drawing machine is a ideal equipment drawing wire stock of high,medium and carbon steel, as well as copper, alumium and alloy, the machines are applied to drawing wire in the factories such as wire-steel factory, metal mesh factory, ect.
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Water Type Wire Drawing Machine
Water Tank type wire drawing machine is Suitable for drawing the medium and high carbon wire whose diameter is less than 6.5mm, the drawn wire can be use as wire rope, spring wire, bead wire, electrical power wire, spoke wire and so on......
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Vertical Wire Drawing Machine
Vertical type wire drawing machine is designed to specialize in metal wire second stage processing, it complies with the conveniences of wire drawing smooth procedure. This machine possesses both functions of wire drawing and wire coiling. The wire is drawn and then automatically coiled into the carrier below ......
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