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Cold Rolling And ribbing Machine

  • Rolling and ribbing machine

  • Stress removing part

  • Vertical Drawing unit

  • Wire descaling machine

  • First drawing machine

  • Drawing lubricate unit

  • Wire Pay off

  • Controlling cabinet

  • Controlling cabinet

The rolling and ribbing plant is mainly used for the hot-rolled coil rod which is being wire-released, descaled, diameter-reduced by two rolling mills, relying on wire draw bench as power, then to be rolled into three-ribs, after stress relieving, then to be wound-up, bound-up by wind-up machine, becoming coiled cold-rolled ribbed reinforced bar.
Model GZB7B (Mid. Size) GZB10B (Large size)
Max. inlet dia. 8mm 11.3mm
Rolling time 2-4mm 2-4mm
Max. rolling line speed 1.5m/s 1.5m/s
Spooler coil size (mm) φ460 × φ800 × 400 φ560 × φ900 × 500
Coil weight 700kg 1000kg
Total power 65kw 75kw
Occupy space (wire decoiler not included) 14× 6=84m ² 14.5× 6.5=96.25m ²
Workshop occupy space 20× 6=120m ² 28× 6.5=185m ²

Rolling Mould Rolling And Ribbed Mould Rolling And Ribbing Mould