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Stainless Steel Annealing Wire Drawing Machine

  • Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine

  • Annealing Furnace

  • Cooling Bath

  • Stainless Steel Wire Annealing Line

  • Vertical Take-up

  • Wire Drawing Machine

The stainless steel wire production line contains the wire drawing machine, annealing furnace, cooling bath, vertical take-up. Straight type wire drawing machine Composition:
1) Up draft style pay off shelf
2).LZ8/560 Straight wire drawing machine
3). SC740 I spool take up machine
4). Man-machine interface screen
5). One whole set Electrical control cabinet
Annealing furnace para:
1) For the continuous anneal line, there are 20 pipes, and the annealing furnace tube is 33
2) Annealing temperature: 800-900℃
3) Annealing speed: 15m/min
4) The outside dimension L8000XW2030XH1720 (the distance from furnace tube to ground middle is 1000mm)
5) Inside structure: inside is firebrick, middle-side is high temperature resistant wool board, outside is transported brick, outermost layer is high temperature wool board, the width of furnace chamber is 1130mm ,height of chamber is 200mm .
Cooling bath para:
1) Outside dimension: L6000XW1300XH 400 mm
2) Cooling tube material: 304 size dia33x3x 6000mm
3) Connection Type: threaded pipe, gas-distributing pipe is red copper tube; each tube has a flow meter
4) Furnace tube and trough (water tank tube) connected by sleeve (tube)
Vertical take-up para:
1). 0.75 KW cycloidal-pin wheel reduction box, the dia. of take-up coil (dia600 + dia400) two functions, 20 sets
2) Frequency converter is FUJI brand 0.75KW
3). coiling speed: 60m/min,
4). Each line controlled separate and pay-off parts can control start and stop machine same time.
5). Equipped 600 wire stands 20 pieces (1480x460)
6). Total height of take-up stand 2300mm, total width is 900mm total length is 10840mm
7). step-rack height is 270mmxwidth 1050mm
The Finished Products (Stainless Steel Annealing Wire):
S.S. Annealing Wire Stainless Steel Annealing Wire