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Flux-Cored Wire Production Line

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  • Flux Cored Wire Drawing Line

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In this flux cord welding wire drawing line, we select to adopt the currently very mature band steel shaping process to produce the flux-core wire. The band steel shaping method has the convenient process, reliability and low cost. At present, over 90% flux-core wire is produced by this method.
The key points of production process of band steel shaping are: shear the cold rolling coil steel into the band steel with width 8-14mm, roll such band steel into “U” shaped channel, fill up with flux powder, roll to feed into closed loop as “O” type tube blank, roll it in further and draw it to become end product welding wire Ф1.2-Ф2.4mm.
The flux cord welding wire process is as the following:
Flux powder →powder mixing → powder adding→ steel band →layer wound re-coil →roll end productΦ4.2mm tube blank (Wire forming line) →Draw to reduce dia. intoΦ1.2mm Flux wire drawing line) →layer wound into 15kg small coil wire→Package
Flux cord wire specification:
Φ1.2, Φ1.6, Φ2.4mm gas protection normal carbon steel flux-core wire.
Note: this production line only guarantees to form and extend into the end product — flux-core wire in effectiveness under the proper process formula conditions. The process formula should be determined by user himself.
Equipment needed
1. Lognitudinal shearing set (incl. band pay off machine) 1 set
2. I-spool pay off 15 set
3. Band pay off machine 1 set
4. Cleaning machine set 1 set
5. Lifting machine 1 set
6. Take in machine 1 set
7. Flux powder box 5 pc
8. Flux Cored Forming machine set( roller is hard alloy) 1 set
9. Wire pay off machine 1 set
10. LZ-10/400 straight wire drawing machine 1set
11. Tension adjustable machine 1set
12. Wire take in machine 1 set
13. Nine cyl./Φ400 drawing machine electric control 1 set
14. Flux core wire winding machine 2set
The Finished Products (Wire):
Flux Cored Welding Wire Coil
Flux Cored Welding Wire
Flux Cored Wire