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Anber machine company can produce many kinds of wire drawing machine, such as Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine (also called deadbeat wire drawing machine, intermediate wire drawing machine, block wire drawing machine), OTO type Wire Drawing Machine (also called pulley type wire drawing machine, High Speed Super Fine Machine), Water Type Wire Drawing Machine (also called wet type wire drawing machine), Cold Rolling And Ribbing Machine, Cold Drawn Bench, Copper Rod Horizontal Wire Drawing Machine (also called rod break down), Vertical Type Wire Drawing Machine (also called headstand wire drawing machine).
We can also supply the wire drawing machine to draw special material, such as CO2 Welding Wire Drawing line, Flux-Cored Wire Drawing line, Low carbon Wire Drawing line, Aliminum Wire Drawing line, S.S. Annealing Wire Drawing line, etc.
Also we can supply the accessory machine for the wire drawing machine, such as wire pointing machine, wire descaling machine, butt welding machine, annealing furnace, drawing die, die polishing equipment, spooler take-up, wire pay-off, wire discharging machine.
If you want special enquiry, we also can do single schedule for you.