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Well type annealing furnace

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Well type annealing furnace is mainly applied for the low carbon wire, it is used for the wire that need to soften in the wire drawing process. It is of lower cost compare with the continuous wire annealing furnace.
Innder tank diameter: 950mm
Outer tank diameter: 1100mm
Tank body thickness: 12mm
Power: 90kw
Heating type: electrical or gas
Service year for the gas heating: 3 years
Service year for the electric heating: max. 5 years
Lifting ear: 3 sets
Packing set: 19mm*19mm*3000mm length
Thermocouple: one set of paradigm K type, used to test the temperature, max. temperature: 1100℃
One air valva with pipe to check out the air
Without the hanging unit
Tank material: Aluminized carbon steel (Aluminized process: carbon steel—forming—acid pickling ---aluminized --- anneal --- Proliferation --- finished)
Quotation varity: one week
Tank buttom dia: 750mm
Weight: 1300kg