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Accessory Machine

Butt Welding Machine

Main Parameter:
Butt welding machine, is also called butt welder, it is the accessory machine for the wire drawing line, it is used to weld the wire together when the wire broken in the drawing process.
Model Material to be weld Power
Iron Copper Aluminum
ABE-UN-2 φ0.8-0.3mm  φ05-2mm  - 2kw
ABE-UN-5 φ1-4mm - - 5kw
ABE-UN-10 φ2-6.5mm φ1-4mm - 10kw
ABE-UN-15 φ3-8mm φ2-6.5mm - 15kw
ABE-UN-20 φ4-10mm   - 20kw
ABE-UN-25 φ8-12mm φ3-8mm φ2-9.5mm 25kw
ABE-UN-40 φ8-16mm     40kw
ABE-UN-60 φ10-18mm     60kw
ABE-UN-75 φ12-20mm φ6-12mm   75kw
ABE-UN-100 φ12-25mm     100kw